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Presenting to you the current team of boxers that makes up the Brices Boxing Stable along with the key coaches.

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The Brice name is synonomous within South African boxing due to the foundation and legacy that Basil Brice created through the La Serena gym in Muizenberg.

At La Serena Basil Brice and lifelong friend Danny Dillon trained a conveyor belt of amateur champions for decades that were both feared and respected whenever they fought.

Today the Brice name lives on with Basils son Emil who has built on this foundation and legacy to keep the conveyor belt of boxers moving.

This legacy is solidified by Danny Dillons son’s Allan and George working along side Emil on a daily basis.

Today Allan owns the La Serena Gym and it continues to serve the Muizenberg community



Emil Brice - Owner & Head Trainer

Emil Brice is a legendary figure in both Cape Town and South African boxing.

With over fifty years in boxing as both a boxer and mostly as a coach and trainer he has a legacy of creating champions both within the professional and amateur ranks.

Emil ingrains an ethos of technique, hard work, fitness and respect into everyone he trains and it is often said that you can tell a “Brice Boy” by their presence in the ring.

Allan Dillon - Conditioning Coach and Trainer

Allan Dillon is our conditioning coach and  a trainer.

As conditioning coach Allan believes that fitness is a cruical decider between a win and a loss and therefore is known for his no nonsense approach to this with fighters training for a fight.

In addition to Allans day to day involvement he is Emil Brice’s trusted assistant cornerman during fights.

Allan was an acomplished amateur boxer who aged seventeen won the South African Senior Flyweight Title and also Frank Braun trophy for best boxer at this tournament

George Dillon - Trainer

George Dillon is a trainer who is well respected for his focus and passion for correct technique and drill work. As a result George can be seen in the gym demonstrating a youthful energy in demonstrating correct footwork and punch technique.

As an amateur George won the South African Junior-Welterweight title

Professional boxers


Lunga " The Pressure Cooker" Sitemela

Super-Featherweight (Junior-Lightweight)

Record: 12-0


ABU South Lightweight Champion

ABU South Super-Featherweight Champion (current)

2017 South African Boxing Prospect of the Year

Lunga lives up to his ring name “The Pressure Cooker” in every regard. He is known as a come forward fighter who build into a fight keeping the pressure on his opponent throughout.

With a well trained boxers technique and solid chin Lunga’s career is set to take off in the coming years

Antonio "The Eagle" Mayala


Record: 9-3-1


WBF African Welterweight Champion

Tony is a classy, high energy boxer who is always in shape and ready to go. A true entertainer with quick hands and deceptive power Tony is always entertaining when he steps into the ring.


Cristiano "The Warrior of Faith" Ndombassy

Super Welterweight

Record: 10-4

Cristiano is a true warrior and this was seen in his two epic wars with Johannes Salie, both of which he won.

Constantly coming forward with the ability to land a knockout punch at anytime, and a solid chin, Cristiano is an entertaining crowd pleaser that always gives value for money

Jimmy "Wrong turn" Mabundji


Record: 10-5


WBF Africa Super-Middleweight Championship

Jimmy is a come forward, fight in the pocket, boxer who refuses to take a step backward.

Likened to a bulldog he just keeps coming at his opponents using his stocky muscular build to get in close and wear his opponent down.

Michael Watson


Record: 1-0

Amateur Record and highlights:


2015, 2016 Western Province Heavyweight Champion

2017 South Africa Heavyweight Champion

With only one professional fight to date, a convincing second round knockout, but a strong and successful amateur career Mike Watson is one to look out for in the Cruiserweight division in the coming years.

Abdul-Aziz " Dula - the Arabian knight" Kunert

Featherweight/Super Featherweight

Record: 8-0


Western Cape Featherweight Champion

“Dula’s” story is one that speaks boxing. The kid who grew up in the wrong neighbourhood, got into trouble, got sent to jail for a serious crime aged 17, then found boxing while in jail and on his release has turned his life around by using the sport as a vehicle.

Still only twenty four and learning under the watchful eye of Emil Brice, he has already shown in his seven fights heart, speed, skills, a good chin, and some decent power.

If his progression continues as it should his career will be one to watch

Fernando Da Silva
Farhaaz "Super Sayed" Sayed


Record: 1-0

Amateur record and highlights:


CTMOBO Champion

Western Cape Champion

South African National Boxing Championships Quarter Finalist

Half South African colours

daniel pontack


Record: 1-0

Amateur History:

South African Championship semi-finalist

Western Province half-colours

CTMOBO Champion 2017

Western Province Silver Medalist 2017

amateur boxers


Ishmaeel Kadri


Record: 30-6

Career Highlights:

2017 SA Youth Silver medalist

2018 SA Youth Bronze medalist

2018 Silver medalist at SADC (Region 5) youth games

South African colours

William Smith
Kyle Dillon

Record: 5-2

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