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18 Elzeth Rd, Ottery, Cape Town, South Africa

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Three sessions per week in a professional boxing gym training with and by champions


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For over fifty years Brices Boxing has been producing champion boxers in both the amateur and professional ranks. Currently owned an run by legendary trainer Emil Brice, and founded by his hall of fame father Basil Brice, Brices boxing has an unrivaled history in the Cape Town and South African boxing scene.

Current notable boxers in the stable include: Lunga Sitemela (2x ABU South Champion), Tony Mayala (WBF Africa Champion), Ishameel Kadri (2nd place at 2018 Junior African Championships), Mike Watson (former SA Amateur Heavyweight Champion)


Brices Boxing Academy has been training champions for over forty years. If you are an established pro, or a top amateur looking to turn pro our coaches have the experience to make you into a champion should you want it badly enough,


Boxing is highly respected as one of the best ways to get fit and toned. While we understand the need for more commercial minded boxing gyms, we are an old school, no fluff boxing gym that produces champions. So if you want the real boxing experience we are the place for you



Our coaches have had representation in either Provincial or National teams for over forty years. Whether you are a senior or junior we are able to coach you through the amatuer ranks and into the professional ranks if you decide to go that route

the fighting bloodline

brices boxing

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Monday-Thursday: 4pm

Friday: 3pm